FunGIS Annual Conference - 29/06/2017

On the 29th and 30th of June, the Mangoesmapping team headed down to the Annual 2017 FunGIS Conference held in Cairns. Exhibiting the wide range of skills, services and technologies, the team had the opportunity to demonstrate to interested attendees the effectiveness of the work undertaken.

Re-seller for Emlid RTK GNSS Receivers - 20/06/2017

Through the constant search for a greater expectation of technological precision, Mangoesmapping was recently selected as the only Australian re-seller of Emlid RTK GNSS products. Using the receivers ourselves, it's easy for us to provide first hand support to our customers, and by putting our money where our mouth is, we can guarantee a higher data acquisition quality. Trust the technology the professionals use.

FNQ Rotary Field Day - 24/05/2017

Here at Mangoesmapping, we believe that community is integral, and so we exhibited at the Far North Queensland Rotary Field Day. With thousands flocking from all over Queensland, Mangoesmapping was proud show the various services and products available, as well as how they may allow customers to excel in their field. From tourists and enthusiasts, to corporate farmers and musters, the Rotary Field day was an excellent opportunity for Mangoesmapping to continue support the local and extended community.

Brisbane StemX - 03/11/2016

StemX provides a space for budding entrepreneurs, high corporate successes, local governments and school kids to come together to explore the variety of developing and breakthrough technologies, and their impressions on the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) industries. Mangoesmapping was proud to represent our drone and agricultural achievements, and gained particular interest from students and GIS software giants.