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We have the UAV/drone solution for your job, with our extensive range including:

  • DJI UAVs, with and without RTK/PPK georeferencing capability. We also sell the RTK/PPK kits separately.
  • Industrial drones from the full Matrice range to the latest DJI Agras industrial spray-drone technology.
  • Airsight's NextCore LiDAR drone, an affordable and viable solution for drone LiDAR surveys.

Get in touch. Take advantage of our extensive field experience, and our continually expanding product range, to find just the right solution for your UAV/drone needs.


The four-rotor quadcopter is the most popular drone, with the design allowing the aircraft to move in all directions and maintain a stable altitude. The live-feed provided by the single camera relays to a ground station such as a controller or handheld mobile device.

Fixed-Wing Aircraft (Coming Soon)

Fixed-wing UAVs resemble planes, usually with the single engine at the front or back. These drones cannot hover, however they do offer significantly longer flight times and ranges, and greater versatility over distance than quadcopters.