Precision with Pride

Mangoesmapping are proud to provide a variety of drones, ranging from small personal hobby devices to advanced and powerful arrangements for professional data acquisition. Drones come in a variety of sizes, shapes and movement configurations conducive to immense versatility across a wide variety of industries and job requirements.


The most popular type of drone is a quadcopter, a four rotor helicopter like arrangement that allows the device to maintain a stable altitude as well as the ability to move in all directions. These drones are most commonly fitted with a single camera relaying a live feed to a ground station such as a controller or handheld mobile device.

Fixed-Wing Aircraft (Coming Soon)

Fixed-wing UAV's resemble planes, often having a single motor at the front or back. Although fixed-wing UAV's lack the ability to stay in a single place, they have significantly longer flight times and ranges offering greater versatility over distance. FW's are often limited to a small payload due to size and weight limitations. Similarly to Quadcopters, FW's are often connected to a handled controller or mobile device for video feed.