Precision with Pride

Mangoesmapping has a rich history of innovation and field data collection. Our own experience in the field helps us evaluate drone technology and recommend a best-fit solution for our customers.

Our drone range covers basic consumer-grade DJI aircraft, to RTK/PPK aftermarket kits for DJI drones and DJI drones with RTK/PPK kits pre-installed. We also supply industrial drones from the full Matrice range through to the latest in DJI Agras industrial spray drone technology.

With our experience in LiDAR, we are also excited to offer Airsight's NextCore LiDAR drone which is an affordable and viable solution for drone LiDAR surveys.

If you don't see what you want on our website, get in touch as we're continually growing our product offerings.


The most popular type of drone is a quadcopter, a four rotor helicopter like arrangement that allows the device to maintain a stable altitude as well as the ability to move in all directions. These drones are most commonly fitted with a single camera relaying a live feed to a ground station such as a controller or handheld mobile device.

Fixed-Wing Aircraft (Coming Soon)

Fixed-wing UAV's resemble planes, often having a single motor at the front or back. Although fixed-wing UAV's lack the ability to stay in a single place, they have significantly longer flight times and ranges offering greater versatility over distance. FW's are often limited to a small payload due to size and weight limitations. Similarly to Quadcopters, FW's are often connected to a handled controller or mobile device for video feed.