RTK GNSS receiver with an app as a controller

Built for survey and navigation and costing a fraction of its nearest competitor, the Reach RS+ is ever-ready to do mapping and data collection with centimetre accuracy.


GPS/QZSS L1, GLONASS G1, BeiDou B1, Galileo E1, SBAS

Long range radio

LoRa 868/915 MHz for reliable correction on distances up to 8 km

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

To connect to your device

Dual-feed antenna

With tight phase center variation

30 hours battery

LiFePo4 battery, USB charging, external 5-40V input

8 GB storage

For logs and solution tracks

Enabling the Future

While offering extreme accuracy when enabled as a base reference, when paired with a variety of Emlids’ other RTK sensors, you can capture data in ways not possible before. Using an aerial mapping drone paired with a Reach RS+ receiver, you can capture data with a significant reduction in satellite noise. Combined with control points gathered with another receiver in post processing, and you can deliver a precise product that outperforms current methods.

Rugged, Reliable

Each Reach RS+ receiver is capable of a battery life up to 30 hours, and operates in even the most hostile of conditions. With an International Protection Marking of 67 (NEMA 6), your receivers will thrive through powerful rain, falls from up to 60cm, and a temperature range of -20ºC to 65ºC. A width of only 145mm also means that the receivers are portable, and you’re not struggling for space when you go out into the field.



BeiDou B1, Galileo E1, SBAS
72 tracking channels, IMU
14Hz GPS / 5Hz GNSS


Charging over USB
External 5-40V input
30 hours on battery
FCC and CE certified


RTCM3 corrections
NMEA and ERB solution
RINEX logs
8GB internal storage


IP67 water and dustproof
145mm x 145mm x 85mm size
390g weight
Operating temp. between -20°C and 65°C


Static horizontal: 5mm+1ppm
PPK horizontal: 7mm+1ppm
RTK horizontal: 7mm+1ppm
(vertical is 2 × horizontal)


LoRa 868/915 MHz radio
WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n)
Bluetooth (4.0/2.1 EDR)
USB, RS232, PPS, Event

Other Documentation

Reach RS+ has been successfully employed in different projects around the world. Read more about some interesting applications enabled by the Reach RS+.