Software and Subscriptions

As GIS professionals, we rely on using the vest best tools on the market. Through out partnership with many local and global organisations, we're proud to offer a variety of software and subscription services that empower you to obtain more accurate data and enhance your workflow.

SmartNet Aus is a subscription based service offering RINEX file download and GNSS Network RTK corrections throughout Australia.

Providing Australia's largest GNSS RTK Network available on the marketplace, SmartNet Aus is truly unrivalled in their service.

When you need a cost effective solution to acquire accurate and precise data, SmartNet Aus can provide it for you.

Maps Made Easy reduce the frustration of making something meaningful out of your data.

Accepting any aerial data file format, Maps Made Easy allow you to create a personalised map.

With extra features and controls such as geo-referencing, map quality, map size and more, you can waste less time waiting for your computer to process.

MicroSurvey is an affordable, end-user orientated data precision software. Offering both data correction and collection capabilities, MicroSurvey is used globally by GIS and Surveying professionals and enthusiasts.

MicroSurvey products are built for Windows embedded based devices, and hosts a variety of intuitive, functional and useful tools to streamline your workflow.