Maps Made Easy

Have a drone but don't know what to do with the data?

Impatient watching the data taking forever to process?

Maps Made Easy is the effective solution, allowing you to submit any aerial data, and choose a custom made map for your purposes. Using the power of cloud computing, Maps Made Easy processes your data and delivers a high quality map, which can be downloaded, shared, or linked to your website.

Featuring Geo-referencing and 3D model based stitching, Maps Made Easy will reduce the amount of time required to find value out of your project, and with a pay-by-the-acre system, it's never been easier.

As well as conventional geo-referenced maps, the service includes a 3D model providing you with a deep insight into the contours and detail of the surface and structures.

Click here for an interactive sample

Data Collection

If you don't have a way of capturing your own aerial data, Maps Made Easy can capture it for you.

Using drones, Maps Made Easy create dense, highly detailed maps of terrain, buildings, and other objects.

Using RGB derived LiDAR, your interactive maps can be turned into 3D exhibitions, captivating your audience and taking your maps to the next level

Fly anything to collect your images

Control the quality and timing of your maps

Technical output files

The processing works with images taken from any aerial platform. You take the images and Maps Made Easy handle the processing and data management.

Forget about needing dated or poor quality "satellite" maps to show real estate assets and their surroundings. Get the amount of detail you need, when you need it.

Make real measurements using scaled models and maps. Cloud-processing allows you to create georeferenced orthophotos, 3D models and digital surface models.

RTK Verified Coal Stockpile - 10,000 cubic meters
Full screen

Data provided by Drones Made Easy

This georeferenced orthophoto map and colorized relative elevation map was automatically created from 28 geo-tagged 4000 x 3000 images. They were taken with a DJI Phantom 3 Professional using the Map Pilot for iOS app.

Use the polygon tool to measure 3D volumes and areas.

Not Just A Map

Your new maps are more than just visual spectacles; your data can be turned into a method of communicating an assortment of things:

  • Distance and measurement
  • Themes
  • Volume
  • 3D Shape and texture

Map Samples

Relative Elevation

Construction Progress

Oglala National Grassland, Crawford, Nebraska - Full screen

Data provided by Colorado Unmanned, LLC

Riverbend Marketplace Construction Progress - February 20, March 20, May 7 and June 10, Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Full screen

Data provided by G4global

Normalised Difference Vegetation Index

3D Model

Balmaceda Rio NDVI, Chile - Full screen

Data provided by Latitud Drones

Cottage - 3D Model Preview, Low Wood, UK - Full screen

Data provided by Visual Perspectives UK