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Geospatial Training

Equip your staff with knowledge to efficiently deliver accurate information.
Our team is full of friendly and passionate technicians with decades of experience.

Trust Mangoesmapping to help get the most from your geospatial investment, minimising risks and maximising results.

GNSS Survey Training

Fundamentals, Fieldwork & Data Management

Aerial Survey Training

Workflows & Data Processing

GIS Training

From Essentials to Advanced

Survey Training

Mangoesmapping supplies and supports cutting edge survey technologies. Let us help you integrate terrestrial and aerial survey technologies tailored to your project.

Converting design into reality

Implementing project designs requires precision. Understanding site layout and validating existing terrain saves you time and money. Give your team the skills to peg a design.

Keep your machines moving – in the right direction. The capacity to grab your gear and do some quick checks on alignment and levels, gives you confidence at the tap of a button.

End-to-end field workflow training

  • Using GNSS RTK hardware
  • Using Field survey software for field data collection
  • Using Field survey software for engineering setout
  • Establishing benchmarks
  • RPAS survey technique for field data collection
  • Post processing desktop skills for
    • data analysis
    • high resolution aerial imagery
    • digital terrain models
    • generating contours
  • Data analysis & presentation with QGIS to generate maps

GIS Training

Systems are nothing without the people that drive them. We love delivering workforce GIS software training using language that everyone can understand.

All coursework includes self-paced learning exercises to provide hands-on experience on the software.
Course content is developed with Local Government and small to medium size organisations in mind. Courses can be tailored to suit individual client needs at additional cost.


With 10+ years of experience using QGIS in Local Government GIS your training choices include

  • QGIS Essentials – An Introduction to QGIS
  • Advanced QGIS – Geospatial Data Editing & Simplifying Workflows.
  • Advanced QGIS – Geospatial Analysis, Automating Workflows & Exploring Plugins
  • Advanced QGIS – Cartography and Map Production
  • QField (QGIS For Field Work) – GIS Administrators

Mangoesmapping offers one half-day QGIS training package:

  • QField (QGIS For Field Work) – Field Workers (End-Users)

For more information download our QGIS training document.

MapInfo Pro

Mangoesmapping is a Precisely Business Partner with 20+ years experience applying MapInfo Professional. We support our Precisely software customers to extract value from their investment.

  • Getting Started with MapInfo Professional (1 day)
  • Introduction to MapInfo Professional (2 days)
  • Level II – Map Creation & Data Management (2 days)
  • Level II – Geographic Analysis & Presentation (2 days)
  • Advanced MapInfo Professional (1 day)

Spectrum Spatial Analyst

Mangoesmapping offers introductory and advanced courses in Spectrum Spatial Analyst.
Course content is hands on and training materials reflect customers user environments.


Practical onsite training in your work environment, directly applying technologies to your business requirements.


Acquire knowledge in a classroom setting away from the day-to-day distractions of your workplace.


Cost-effective training that is convenient for employees who work remotely or who have busy schedules.

Start working with precision


Receive a personalised proposal


Start working with elevated precision

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