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Wide field of view lidar sensors are the newest and fastest growing segment of the LiDAR market. Ouster began working on the wide-view OS0 more than 18 months ago, in collaboration with a major global automotive OEM partner, to build a product that could satisfy the specific needs of many types of customers: autonomous vehicles, robotics, and mapping.

Working with their partner and customers, Ouster identified three attributes (in addition to a wide field of view) that are critical for their customers’ applications: high resolution for object detection, zero centimeter minimum range for manoeuvring in close quarters, and high precision for 3D mapping.

The Ouster OS0 delivers on all fronts: a 90º vertical field of view, up to 2.6 million points per second (MPS) of resolution, a 0 cm minimum range, and up to millimeter level precision. For customers in AVs, robotics, and mapping who require high performance, the OS0 is the wide-view sensor of choice. Read the full article.

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