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When conducting RTK field surveys, we usually establish a base station with an Emlid RS2 GNSS receiver setup over a known point.

In this video we explain how we:

1) Locate a Permanent Survey Mark (PSM)

2) Setup our base station (Emlid’s RS2 GNSS receiver) above the PSM

3) Configure the RS2 with the coordinates of the PSM and set the base station to transmit corrections via LoRA radio.

By correcting the data received by our rover GNSS receiver in real time using a technique called Real Time Kinematics (RTK) we can obtain survey grade accuracy for our rover. Keep in mind that your RTK rover may be a second GNSS on a survey pole, a drone capturing photogrammetry data or even a hydrographic survey vessel!

The benefits of establishing our own base is that we can work in many locations independent of NTRIP or other services which can provide corrections.

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