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Dale has been using Emlid equipment for many years as part of his survey kit. The compact nature of the Emlid gear allows him to fit everything into a buggy or small chopper to reach those remote areas.

With the internal battery fully charged, the Emlid Reach RS2+ GNSS receiver units can log high quality static data for 22 hours. This is very convenient as it keeps the amount of gear required for a static survey very compact and light. A RS2+ weighs just 950g!

Dale can setup the Reach receiver, login via ReachView 3 and start logging. When he comes back the next day he can just grab the unit and download the static log / RINEX files straight from the unit.

As the Reach RS2+ is a calibrated antenna listed in the NGS & IGS antenna databases, these logs can be easily uploaded to an online post-processing service, including sophisticated commercial services such as HxGN SmartNet’s Online Computation Service and free services such as AUSPOS.

RINEX logs from Emlid Reach RS2+ can also be post processed with common survey office software including Trimble Business Centre and Leica Infinity. Additionally, Emlid now offer their own free post-processing software for Windows and macOS called Emlid Studio, which is helpful when you have a base RINEX file (ie. collected by a ReachRS2 over a benchmark) to use as an input in your processing.

Emlid Studio can also be really helpful and offers a simple and intuitive workflow, if you need to decimate or otherwise adjust your RINEX file to allow it to conform to the supported observation frequency and constellations for specific post-processing services.

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