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What’s new in ReachView 3?

  • Multiple coordinate systems support. More than a thousand coordinate systems are available. The app has built-in support for grid and geoid transformations;
  • Different units of measurement. The pole height and stakeout distance automatically work in feet or meters, depending on the project’s coordinate system;
  • Ability to handle complex projects. Easily load thousands of points and smoothly control how the background map pans and zooms;
  • Storing the data in the app. You can now access your projects at any time with no need to turn the Reach receiver on;
  • Simple data collection. Collect points by averaging or with just one click;
  • Quick data export. Export and share collected data promptly using any file sharing app on your phone;
  • Switching NTRIP profiles. You can easily switch between multiple NTRIP profiles – all the credentials are stored on the phone.

Read more about the ReachView 3 features.

ReachView 3 is compatible with any Emlid Reach GNSS RTK receiver, and is available for iOS and Android devices. To start using it, please make sure the firmware on your Emlid Reach receivers is updated and download the new app.


The Emlid NTRIP Caster is an easy way to pass RTK corrections between your receivers through the Internet. It is compatible with Emlid Reach and any other RTK GNSS receivers with NTRIP support. The service is available for free and works worldwide.

Read more about the Emlid NTRIP Caster.

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