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Long range digital Lidar sensor

Image quality point clouds in a sensor that enables real-world deployment of autonomous trucks, robotaxis, and shuttles - powered by our L3 Chip

200 m

Range at 10%

400 m

Max range


Vertical field of view


Channels of resolution


Max points per second

+/- 2 cm

Max Precision

Our longest range ever

Equipped with the breakthrough L3 chip, the OS2 detects 10% reflective targets at 200m and boasts a maximum range beyond 400m.

Stunning point clouds

Up to 2.6M points per second for rich, detailed data. 128 channels standard. Dual returns at 1024x10 mode.


Channels of resolution


Max points per second


Photon sensitivity

Long range to fit your budget

Long range Lidar has been too expensive for too long. The Ouster OS2’s simpler digital Lidar architecture makes it less expensive to manufacture and less expensive to deploy on your fleet.

Embedded near-infrared camera

Our L3 chip represents a major upgrade to Ouster’s unique 2D camera data layer. Now you can run computer vision algorithms on 2D data that’s perfectly correlated with 3D Lidar data, indoors and out.

Powered By Our All-New L3 Chip

The L3 chip delivers on the promise of digital Lidar, with step-change upgrades to range, precision, accuracy, and reliability.

21.47 Gmacs

Of signal processing

125 Million

Transistors on chip

2.6 Million

Max points per second

High-volume manufacturing

With scalable outsourced manufacturing, Ouster can fulfill even the largest customer orders.

Worldwide Fulfillment

Ouster now operates local fulfillment in three major global regions. That means faster lead times for committed orders and tax advantages for lower total costs.

Buy America(n) Certified.

USA based manufacturing is available for customers that require Buy America and Buy American certification.

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