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The Emlid Reach RX functions as a network rover, utilising real-time kinematic (RTK) technology and a network of base stations for high-precision positioning.

By receiving correction data from multiple reference stations within the network, the Reach RX achieves centimetre-level accuracy in real-time. It eliminates the need for a local base station setup. 

Getting Started

To get set up with your Reach RX you’ll need the following:
  • An Emlid Reach RX
  • Cellular coverage – this receiver requires an Internet connection in order to receive corrections from a CORS network or Base Station
  • An NTRIP subscription for real time corrections (free or paid)
  • A survey pole
  • A mobile device such as a phone or tablet
  • The Emlid Flow App (a free App that lets you configure your unit and collect data)

CORS Networks for RTK

A CORS network uses reference stations to measure positioning errors and provides real-time correction data for high-precision positioning. If you are getting started and are close to a reference station from AUSCORS, then we suggest trying out this free service. One limitation of AUSCORS is that corrections are only available using GDA2020 – the current Geocentric Datum of Australia.

For users wishing to receive corrections for GDA94, we recommend HxGN Smartnet. This paid service offers addition features such as VRS (Virtual Reference Station). This uses a network of base stations to calculate a virtual reference point, thereby reducing the baseline distance. A reduced baseline improves the accuracy and reliability of the position measurements.

Learn more about getting started with the Emlid Reach RX including a setup using the AUSCORS NTRIP service in the following video.

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